QuitBot is a new and free smartphone app that combines a scientifically-proven smoking cessation program with cutting-edge ChatGPT technology that’s like having a virtual counselor on-demand in your phone.

You’ll receive step-by-step guidance on quitting, tools to help you deal with urges to smoke, help staying motivated, and a chance to ask your own questions. It’s a virtual coach that works with you to set goals, offer encouragement and support when you need it, teaches you skills to cope with cravings, and helps you recover from lapses.

With QuitBot, you have easy 24/7 access to cessation help right in the palm of your hand, to support you and help you quit.

Best of all, QuitBot is free.

QuitBot was created by Dr. Jonathan Bricker and his research team at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, in partnership with Microsoft’s AI for Good, and is featured in Trevor Noah’s new series called The Prompt, which focuses on how artificial intelligence (AI) can help humanity.

Are you ready to try a new way to quit?

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